Say what you will about Pokémon Go…

I was a kid in the 90’s, you know dial up Internet, AOL Instant Messenger, Game Boy, etc. These were the “high tech” things from way back then. 

I had a Nintendo Game Boy you know the big grey bulky personal/portable gaming system that had a monochromatic screen, four buttons labeled “A”, “B”, “SELECT”, and “START”, a directional pad, one speaker all powered by 4 AA batteries. My Game Boy came with Tetris and Super Mario Brothers and throughout the years I collected other games to play as well. Along came Pokémon sometime in middle school and I fell in L O V E ! I started with the red and moved to yellow when it came out, those are the only two I had but really enjoyed the game. 

The actual one from my childhood

I am now a 31 year old father and husband who works a minimum of 45-50 hours a week- not much time for gaming but about two weeks ago Pokémon Go was released and I had to see what it was all about! I wasn’t impressed at first by the “Go” aspect but now I understand where the developers’ minds were. It’s a way to get people MOVING, and out in the REAL WORLD! I haven’t had a lot of time to do much of the moving aspect but have caught lots of Pokémon as well as leveling them up.
Yesterday morning on my way home I tried to hit up the “Poké Stops” in the downtown area to stock up on more Pokéballs and whatever else I could get as my wife, Melissa has been bragging all week about how awesome it is downtown. I had bad luck as the servers crashed and I went home a bit upset and low on Pokéballs. 

We live in Thomasville which once was a thriving little town and now there are quite a few factories that sit and are just rotting away, very few shops on Main Street, but lots of vacant spaces- ITS SAD! The downtown area is loaded with Poké Stops! Who would have thought this “dead town” would have all this to offer in a game like Pokémon Go?

On my trip collecting Pokéballs this morning I was able to watch the sun slowly come up and I got to spend time in My Town, it was quiet and kind of scary/sketchy until the sun came up some-I’m not going to lie. I made several trips around maybe a two block radius and was collecting balls, capturing Pokémon along the way and…. BURNING CALORIES, getting my heart rate up and breathing fresh morning air. So as the title says, say what you want about Pokémon Go, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time this morning! I was at it for over 45 minutes but did stop for a little over 2 minutes and watched a train come through town-who does that in this day and age?

[Youtube ]

I love the consept of this!!!

This town could be so cool!

I didn’t go down this Alley until the sun came up, another cool aspect of the town!

Cool Pano shot, down/inside the alley

This picture doesn’t do the justice of how beautiful this watertower is

Another Watertower

Look at that beautiful sunrise!

Sweaty Sunrise Selfie


noun: podcast; plural noun: podcasts
  1. 1.
    a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Below is an exact replica of my Radio Page. I have been on and off producing podcasts since 2005. I intended to update my radio page tonight and it morphed into a semi blog post so I thought Id share it here on the blogs–I haven’t made written one since March of 2015-Sorry its been crazy with a toddler- But good crazy. Anywho, I figured maybe this would reach people who didn’t know about my podcast and also share some insight to when, how and why I started doing a podcast:

I have always had an interest in music, radio and the technology behind it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.31.34 PM

Back in 2005 I was a subscriber to WIRED magazine. Specifically the March 2005 Issue featured a story about how a guy named Adam Curry ” Wants to make you an iPod radio star”  I had just bought an iPod in September of 2004 ( this is a rough estimate of time- I’m getting old…) and really hadn’t learned much about it yet. I also had just started liking Talk radio during the build up of the 2004 elections- My First Time being able to vote. So after reading the article I wanted in on this new internet sensation but had NO audio training and didn’t really know what the heck I was doing, not that my “shows” now are that great but I enjoy making them and hope to improve the “art” as I go along.

It was tough, my audio sucked and I’m not sure anyone really listened back then. I hosted my “show” on a MySpace music account as that was easy… I eventually got it on iTunes but I think its all lost now some 7 years later. The very next year I started the Entertainment Technology program at GTCC and finally got some audio training and continued the podcast but I have quit several times due to “life” happening and not having the time to dedicate to it. in 2016 I am hoping to change my format more to fit the talk radio I feel most in love with– The Allan Handelman Show, Rock talk but also more. Allan has been an inspiration to me ever since I first heard him on the local (now defunct) FM talk radio station. He had an AWESOME afternoon show- just in time for my commute home from College to work; as well as his Sunday night show.

I wanted to update this section but did not intend to type this much. I think I will copy this and make it a blog post as well. Thank you for checking out my “Radio” page and please be sure to check it out via the links below:


Subscribe and Listen Via iTunes:

You also can listen to the show via Stitcher Radio or TuneIn and coming soon (hopefully) to Google Play-I have submitted the show but waiting on them to officially launch podcast on there.

Wrapping up 2012

Hello there everyone! I hope 2012 was a great year overal for you guys. It’s been a decent year for me. We got to take an awesome vacation ( our first real true vacation ) to Maine.

It was probably a really bad idea to drive the way we did ( two long days in the car); next time we will fly or have to split it up a little better. I got to meet some of Melissa’s family that I had yet to meet. Tamielee, John, and Julia. They were awesome! We got to relax for a few days, ate lobster ( I previously thought I hated it— I LOVED IT) fresh off the boat. We also went whale watching… That was one of the best parts as we got an exclusive tour going way out past the normal cut off spot.

2012 was also a year of work. For quite a few months I was working two jobs, while this helped us take the vacation it was draining on me. I didn’t seem to get anything done around the house a d just wanted to sleep as much as possible. In 2013 I will head back to college (part time) pursuing a global logistics degree. Fingers crossed that goes well, I am very excited to be heading back though.

Keep your eyes on 2013 as there is possible talks of a YouTube project with Melissa and myself, it’s very exciting and I hope we can do it!!!!

Hope each and every one of you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year, please don’t drink and drive call a cab or a friend!

Edward McKay’s and what not

I got treated to a visit to Edward McKay’s today. I ended up with six new CDs and two DVDs ( of course they are music related DVDs) ; Melissa got three cookbooks. That’s how it usually goes; I’ll get more items than her… She likes clothes purses shoes and cooking stuff…. I like music and technology stuff. Any who just thought I would send an update!!!

Dinner is almost ready, so I must go. Check out my twitter feed for photos of the CDs and of the dinner that Is calling!!!!

What went down in February 2009:

We got engaged on December 14, 2008; at Oak Hollow Lake ( near the spot where we decided to date) with hopes of making our wedding day 9/9/2009, we had a thing for numbers.

We wanted a lake side ceremony with friends and family and had a great friend that was going to cater at cost. Things looked as thou it would work out and be somewhat in our budget, I had just gone full time at FedEx. We would rent out the park and have the ceremony down by the water.

As my mother’s health was worsening Melissa’s mother’s health was also very questionable. We knew it was important for our mothers to see us married so we started picking dates closer and would just go to the court house for a cheap and easy route to ensure they could both live to see us get married.

Melissa’s mom started to look as thou she would be out of the hospital by a certain date ( can’t remember the exact date now) and we decided that Friday we would go with our mothers to the court house and then meet up with a small group of local family and friends for dinner. My mom took a horrible turn for the worse, we waited too long and it wasn’t going to happen as much as we wanted it.

Sitting at Carolina Diner on February 26 I looked at Melissa and said “Let’s just go get married” we had the license and all the paperwork filled out and we wouldn’t be able to do any of our plans so why not? She looked at me and said “what?” And I said it again, “lets just go!”

We paid for our meal and her and our good friend Sondie went to get her dress from when she got married and I ran home and got dressed and met back at Melissa’s house. By this time it was well after midnight. We took two cars to the court house and entered the magistrate’s office, handed over all the paperwork and at 4:08 am on February 27, 2009 we were officially married.

My mom finally came to and realized that we got married but ended up passing away on March 14, 2009. Melissa’s mom’s health gradually improved over the next few months ever so slowly.

We live by saying “everything happens for a reason” and on September 9, 2009 a family member of mine passed away as well as Sondie’s father passed away. Sondie would have been Melissa’s maid of honor. This proved to us that we had done the right thing in February and not waiting until September even though in our hearts we really wanted that to be our wedding.

Some people don’t believe that what we did was right and some people support us but I thought that I would share our side of the story so that you guys knew what actually went down in February 2009.

Four years later we are still happily married, have bought a house, both of us are working and have a lot to show for ourselves.