Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Is 20

20th Anniversary of The Flaming Lips’s Transmissions From The Satellite Heart. Celebrating the album that put The Lips on the Radio Map released June 22, 1993

Transmissions From The Satellite Heart Is 20


I am falling behind….

It has been awhile since I have posted a blog. I hope you guys have been doing ok! I have started working a second job a few days a week so all the extra time I get a few hours shut eye has been appreciated.

Fun. Some Nights

Besides the fact that “pop” radio-aka the corporate rehashing of the same ten songs; have been non stop playing the hit ” We Are Young” by Fun. I have really enjoyed this album even thou I just purchased it this last weekend. This album flows well and there is not a bad song on it, In my opinion. I would pair this with the likes of Foster The People and Gotye. Semi Electronic with some horns, which seems to be the norm for most of the 2012 releases. All those jocks that were picking on Band nerds back in High School are probably loving every minute of it… I know that I have enjoyed the return of these non traditional instruments into popular music.

The O Music Awards

In less than 24 hours the Third annual “The O Awards” will begin. Offbeat, Outrageous, Online: The O Music Awards, not your traditional awards show; is an awards show presented by Viacom to honor music, technology and intersection between the two also every year they have try to break some kind of Guinness Book of World Records

During with the inaugural O Music Awards in Las Vegas in April of 2011, rapper Chiddy of Chiddy Bang earned the Guinness World Records titles for the Longest Freestyle Rap and the Longest Marathon Rapping record after rapping for 9 hours, 16 minutes and 22 seconds.

For the second O Music Awards A group of 13 dancers assembled at The Roxy, in LA on Halloween Eve to take on this epic attempt of : Longest Team Dance Marathon. Twenty-four hours later, all 13 were still standing and seized the record.

This year is no Different, The Flaming Lips are attempting to beat Jay Z’s current record of the most Concerts in 24 hours (multiple city). There is no beef with the Rapper/Producer, just an attempt at a record.

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

One day after The Flaming Lips release their Record Store Day release (The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends) onto CD (Originally only available on limited quantity vinyl) , they will assemble with many of the collaborators on the album for this record attempt.

How can you watch the show? Head over to Http://WWW.OMusicAwards.Com Tomorrow at 7:30PM ET.


Its been great to have time to write this for you guys tonight, It’s time for me to wrap this up and get ready for work. Since Summer has officially started I wanted to do a blog on your Favorite Summer time songs or songs that remind you of some summer memory… you can tweet me—@SonicDishes or email:

Record Store Day- April 21, 2012


I left work at 6:00 am and was ready for my first ever Record Store Day experience to begin. I got on I-40 heading west from Kernersville to Winston-Salem, took the Hanes Mall exit and got EXTREMELY Nervous. How many people had camped out over night and held their spots in line? To my surprise the line wasn’t too bad! Turns out there were only 13 people in front of me.


I had come to Earshot in search of what they had posted the day before saying they didn’t have, the new collaboration album-The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends.

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends is a collaborative album by The Flaming Lips. Recorded throughout 2011 and 2012, the album was released as a limited edition on vinyl for Record Store Day on April 21, 2012. featuring Ke$ha, Biz Markie, Bon Iver, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Prefuse 73, Tame Impala, Jim James, Nick Cave, Lightning Bolt, Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band, Neon Indian, Erykah Badu, New Fumes, Chris Martin

Everyone in the crowd is all talking about this record. Everyone seemed to know something about Wayne Coyne, his crazy house, The Flaming Lips and how this album is so rare, its going to be hard to find and worst of all how they ALL wanted it. I wasn’t going to leave because I had faith that I could get this!!!

Some guy walked up looking for a Phish release and three other guys said that’s what they are going for and he left. It’s worth trying to get it in my opinion, you never know what you may find inside the store!

45 minutes until they open… Oh my gosh come on!!!! A guy showed up and announced that there would be numbers handed out.The numbers also are a way for you to win a $20 gift card for the store that’s pretty cool! They will allow only 10 people in at a time to control the crowd. OK, I’m really not going to get it now! DANG IT!!!

Raffle Ticket

Some older guy behind me a few people was talking about how he saw this band or this band in 1980, 1985, etc. His brain must have been FRIED from too many drugs growing up. He voice had that certain sound to it, you know what I mean…


Ok, time to enter the store…The guy at the door told us they had 14 copies of the Album, YES, unless everyone in front of me gets one and someone gets two I can get it!!!!!

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends LP

YESSSSSSS I found it!!!! I’m pretty sure I got the LAST one. I was so Happy I had to snap a photo and send it to Melissa! I ended up getting the Flaming Lips/Mastodon “A Spoonful Weighs A Ton” split 45 as well.


While I was in line, some lady comes in practically in tears, she wants a Coldplay 45 and cant find it. “Ill bargain with someone, who has it, I Want it so badly” she says. No one answers… she says it again…Some guy holds it up and gives it to her. She rushes to him and hugs him.

This is what Record Store Day is all about, kind of like back at the first Woodstock Music Festival, people taking care of people and being kind to each other; For the love of music. I don’t think I could have given up my Record but I wasn’t tested in that manner at least not this time…
Once I got home and had breakfast with Melissa, we drove out to CFBG in Greensboro, NC in search of Foster The People’s 45 “Broken Jaw”/”Ruby” with no luck. However, we did pick up The Black Keys’ “El Camino” which included the CD version and poster as well!
so Record Store 2012 was a Success all in all for me. I cant wait for next year…