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Below is an exact replica of my Radio Page. I have been on and off producing podcasts since 2005. I intended to update my radio page tonight and it morphed into a semi blog post so I thought Id share it here on the blogs–I haven’t made written one since March of 2015-Sorry its been crazy with a toddler- But good crazy. Anywho, I figured maybe this would reach people who didn’t know about my podcast and also share some insight to when, how and why I started doing a podcast:

I have always had an interest in music, radio and the technology behind it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 10.31.34 PM

Back in 2005 I was a subscriber to WIRED magazine. Specifically the March 2005 Issue featured a story about how a guy named Adam Curry ” Wants to make you an iPod radio star”  I had just bought an iPod in September of 2004 ( this is a rough estimate of time- I’m getting old…) and really hadn’t learned much about it yet. I also had just started liking Talk radio during the build up of the 2004 elections- My First Time being able to vote. So after reading the article I wanted in on this new internet sensation but had NO audio training and didn’t really know what the heck I was doing, not that my “shows” now are that great but I enjoy making them and hope to improve the “art” as I go along.

It was tough, my audio sucked and I’m not sure anyone really listened back then. I hosted my “show” on a MySpace music account as that was easy… I eventually got it on iTunes but I think its all lost now some 7 years later. The very next year I started the Entertainment Technology program at GTCC and finally got some audio training and continued the podcast but I have quit several times due to “life” happening and not having the time to dedicate to it. in 2016 I am hoping to change my format more to fit the talk radio I feel most in love with– The Allan Handelman Show, Rock talk but also more. Allan has been an inspiration to me ever since I first heard him on the local (now defunct) FM talk radio station. He had an AWESOME afternoon show- just in time for my commute home from College to work; as well as his Sunday night show.

I wanted to update this section but did not intend to type this much. I think I will copy this and make it a blog post as well. Thank you for checking out my “Radio” page and please be sure to check it out via the links below:


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You also can listen to the show via Stitcher Radio or TuneIn and coming soon (hopefully) to Google Play-I have submitted the show but waiting on them to officially launch podcast on there.

You Aint A Fool For Listening…2016

Happy April Fools Day!!! It is April 1st, 2016… Can you believe its already April????

This was a quick show I put together for you Music by Styx, Elvis, Jewel, The Cardigans, and The Strokes. All the Songs were “Fool” Themed in one way or another.

Thanks for tuning in today!


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Stitcher Radio


Happy Birthday Elton John

[Originally Posted Mar 25, 2013]

Playing a few songs for Sir Elton John’s birthday. Like us on Facebook.com/SonicDishesRadio follow us on Twitter @SonicDishes. Check out our website http://www.SonicDishes.com

Thank you for tuning in today and I hope you have enjoyed the show you can also find us on iTunes as well as Stitcher Radio

Happy Birthday Elton John



New Music from Saosin and Deftones…

Today’s show features new music from Saosin (Anthony Green is back!) and Deftones along with some 2005 era throwbacks and a few more recent songs. I hope you enjoy the show!

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SonicDishes Radio3-18-2016

SonicDishes Radio 1/31/2016

Second show for 2016! The snow delayed the show that was supposed to be recorded last week, but it will be on the way soon!!!

Lead Singer Syndrome Link:

Track List:
MakeDamnSure-Taking Back Sunday
Smile In Your Sleep-Silverstein
Dammnit-Blink 182
Fat lip-Sum 41
Man Who Sold The World-Nirvana
Hotel California-Ska Daddyz

Super Bowl 50 #GoBroncos


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SonicDishes Radio 1-31-2016



First Show of 2016

Welcoming in 2016 with a Podcast! It has been too long! thank you for tuning in today! I also updated to Cover art— I hope you like it!

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First Show of 2016


New Single from GOLD COAST “Free” Released!

Check out the new single “Free” from Gold Coast below. Their new album “The Time Is Took Us To Build” will be released later this month on the 28th.

These guys are seriously one of the most talented and hardest working independent band I know.

Make sure to like their FaceBook page at: https://www.facebook.com/goldcoastband to keep up to date one with them!

May 29, 2015

New music on this episode, Featuring #Emery #AlabamaShakes #MattCosta #WalkTheMoon #36CrazyFists #Silverstein

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May 29, 2015


Anniversary Trip 2015

As many of you know February 27th is our wedding anniversary; [see: https://sonicdishes.wordpress.com/2012/02/26/what-went-down-in-february-2009/ ]

We have for tried to get away every year if possible to celebrate our anniversary together. A few months ago we decided it wasn’t going to work out this year; or it didn’t look that way as we did a lot of traveling last summer to see Melissa’s Grandfather, My grandfather and my cousin got married… Melissa went behind my back and texted my boss to see if he would “play along” but let me off for a few days as a surprise which to my surprise later on, he did.

With the winter storm that came through the night before we were not sure we would be able to actually leave and were a little bit bummed until we woke up and decided it was going to happen! Preston and Amber ( Melissa’s brother and Fiancée) stayed with Melissa’s mom and Corbin and off we were; our first time away just the two of us since he was born.

Melissa planned our trip out without any assistance from me. She booked us to stay at Breakers Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC and had gotten a great deal ( turns out a little lot of winter remodeling was going down-but we didn’t let that bother us).

Backside view from the beach

We stayed on the 17th floor (with one working elevator). It was overall a nice room but we didn’t spend much time there.



She also had some pretty cool things up her sleeve to do while we were there. we arrived in the afternoon of the 26th and checked into the room, drove to some outlets in the area to look for some stuff and then drove to Benjamin’s for some Crab legs, a staple stop on any trip to Myrtle Beach for us!



Once we got done we headed back to the hotel and decided to take a dip in the pool and hot tub. We had to drive up 6 blocks to the pool and with no real facilities had to change in the bathroom in the next building when we were done- no biggie.

While there we met a nice guy from Illinois and had a great time relaxing. Once we decided to head back to the room we had to make a mad dash for above said bathroom, it was CHILLY outside. I knew at this point we had some kind of plan at 10 a.m. in the morning but had no idea what was for sure planned… We headed back to the room and fell asleep quite quickly as the day had worn us out.

Alarm clock goes off and we wake up for our Continental Breakfast downstairs and then get our day started. we are driving along the road and turn into for our 10 a.m. Couples Massage appointment at Myrtle Beach Massage and Day Spa.

At this point I need to backtrack for a second!!! I had Melissa’s phone while we were changing from our swim and looked down seeing we had missed two calls. One from her mom and one from a local Myrtle Beach area code. I freaked for a second thinking something was wrong with the hotel, etc. So I started the voicemail… “Hello Andy this is a confirmation for your 10 a.m. Couples mass…..” I took the phone away with a grin on my face. Melissa knew just how much I had needed and wanted to get a massage and had planned this out for us! Wow she is amazing! about that time she joined me and asked what was up. I tried to reach inside and think of a white lie but couldn’t, so I burst her bubble =[ but figured it was best to just tell the truth…

Ok… Back to this awesome place:


The view when you walk inside, this picture does not do it justice at all!

The Couples Massage Room.

The Couples Massage Room.

Best feeling in the world! Ahh! Relaxation! Melissa did a GREAT job picking out the place! Once we finished with the couples massage we went to get Pedicures (Ok go ahead and judge me but I had  some funky feet and now they feel great) then grabbed lunch at Jimmy John’s which was a place we frequently went to while dating.

We took the afternoon to check out Ripley’s Believe it or not Odditorium.






IMG_0927 IMG_0926

This one is especially for Tammie Lee!!!

This one is especially for Tammie Lee!!!

IMG_0928 IMG_0929 IMG_0930




IMG_0934 IMG_0935 IMG_0936

and some Videos:

Back to the room to relax for a bit until the last surprise of the night, and I passed out…


Carolina Comedy Club, and their drink "Can Dew"

Carolina Comedy Club, and their drink “Can Dew”

We saw some Stand up comedians perform, something very different but fun!

back to the hotel and PASSED OUT quick from a long but fun day.

The Last day we got up and checked out, Skipping the hotel breakfast as it was ehhh…. and headed to Broadway at the Beach for a few more items as well as the Mirror Maze which was a BLAST! We also went to the Aquarium.

All in all we had a great time together! It was nice to have some us time but we MISSED our little guy so much!!! It has been nice to be back home with him for sure!