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I Live in North Carolina, I enjoy music-Playing it as well as Listening to it.

I went to college wanting to learn more about the Entertainment Business, while there I began working for a local venue and ended up managing the place for awhile.  I got to meet some AWESOME bands as well as made some great friends!!!

I have a huge passion for all types of music, its what I do. I do play Guitar as well as a little bit of keys ( piano, synthesizer) I played Trumpet from 6th grade until my junior year in high school, from then until I graduated I played the Baritone (Euphonium) AKA the baby Tuba.

I have been married to the best wife I could have ever asked for since February 27th, 2009 and we welcomed our first child into the world December 4th, 2013

Me, My wife Melissa and our son Corbin

Me, My wife Melissa and our son Corbin

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